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How Does
Xanogen Work?

Xanogen contains powerful pharmaceutical-grade herbal ingredients to supercharge your sex life in two ways:

Xanogen contains pharmaceutical-grade extracts to deliver results fast. The formula is based on extensive research into male physiology. Extensive research and development has finally created the one-step system for maximum results.

Combining these ingredients in the precise ratios to deliver maximum effects - that's science. Keeping your partner up all night long - that's Xanogen.

Xanogen and Testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for making you feel like a man. This hormone governs everything from libido to stamina to general energy levels and feelings of well-being. Low testosterone levels are frequently found in men with decreased sex drives and poor sexual performance.

Xanogen contains Catuaba bark and Tribulus terrestris to enhance testosterone production. This means that Xanogen users get all the benefits of healthy testosterone levels, including:

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Xanogen and Erection Enhancement

When you get aroused, blood flow to your penis increases. This blood flows into the corpora cavernosa, two spongy areas on either side of the penis which engorge with blood to give you an erection. Heightened blood flow to the penis causes the corpora cavernosa to expand, giving you’re a larger erection.

Xanogen contains Cnidium Monnier, a powerful herbal vasodilator, to increase blood flow to the penis. Cnidium Monnier stimulates nitric oxide production, causing your blood vessels to expand and carry more blood to your penis. The result: a firmer, more vigorous erection you can see and feel.

Xanogen's blend of robust male enhancement ingredients gives you everything you need to supercharge your sex life. With an elevated libido, increased stamina and more powerful erections, you have everything you need to rock her world tonight.

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